When I am not working on a commission, I will frequently do small pieces.  Here are some recently done.

6×6 Pastel

6×6 Fruit still life.  Acrylic

Acrylic Daily Painting

6×6, oil. Lemons. (sold)

6×6, oil, Lemons take One. $50

8×8, pastel, Beach at Dawn.  (Sold)

6×6, pastel, Sun Lit Path

6×6, Pastel, Tracy and Mabel, NFS

6×6, pastel, Bathing Beauties , NFS:

5×7, Portrait of a Girl, Pastel.  $100.  Won Honorable Mention in local art show.

5×7, A Read on the Beach, pastel.  NFS

6×6, Pastel, Low Tide Fun, $100

6X6, Pastel, (Sold).