I have an interest in genealogy and have collected an organized all of the family photos and portraits from as far back as we go.  It is a passion of mine, you may say, to connect with the ages that came before us.   In all of the organizing, I have found special photographs that are particularly compelling.  I want to paint them!

This one is of my grandfather on the left with a buddy on the right.  They are presumably on the shores of Lake Michigan, perhaps? I believe my grandmother is in the middle, but the shade from the photographer covered her, so I had to make her up a bit in the painting.  I tried it in both pastel and oil. I will probably try it again until I am completely satisfied.  I call it A Wave from Yesteryear.  Or  A Wave from Grandpa.


A Wave from Yesteryear in Oil:

A Wave from Yesteryear in Pastel:

My Grandma and her girls.  My Mom is the one on the left:


Would you like a similar painting to remember and celebrate the ones who came before you?  If you do, contact me!