Portrait Procedures

Stage 1:   We begin with an initial phone call or e-mail where we discuss the general parameters of the portrait desired.  We will discuss who the portrait is to be done for, how many people are going to be in the portrait, where the portrait will be hung, how large it will be, what medium is desired, whether a simple background or a complex background is desired and whether sittings are possible or whether you prefer a portrait done entirely from a photograph.  Fees are discussed and agreed upon.

Initial sitting: 1.5 – 2 hours at my studio or at your home.

I attempt to get a feel for the subject and note the characteristics that will make a strong portrait. Various poses are photographed.  Quick charcoal and/or color sketches may be done at this time for my reference.  ½ of the fee is paid at this time.

Stage 2: I evaluate the photos, along with client,  from the initial sitting and select the ones that are most successful at capturing the expression and feel of the subject in the most artistic/flattering way.  I will e-mail my selections to the client for input and approval.  When the client approves of the pose, I will begin the painting.

Stage 3: Second sitting: 2 hours at my studio or at your home

I usually need to bring the subject back into the studio to correct the distortions that the camera had invariably made and to correct the color depth and variations that the camera cannot detect.  Usually 2 sittings are enough.  Occasionally I will need a third.  This is a very flexible process.

Stage 4:  I complete the portrait, and contact the client to arrange for the final appointment.  At that time, final payment is made and portrait is delivered to client.


The above procedures are for single subject portraits.  More sittings are necessary for group portraits.

*I do not generally do a portrait from a client’s photograph. I have found these paintings to be the least successful;  I prefer to use my photos done at the time of the sitting.   Special considerations will be made for use of client’s photograph if necessary.

Framing is not included.  Portraits will be delivered, attached to foam core and covered with a protective layer of glassine paper, which will protect the portrait until framed.



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