This is a representation of my portrait work.   It is not exhaustive and is not entirely chronological.  I do both pastel and oil.

2018, Pastel, 8×8



2018, 6×6 Pastel.  This sweet little girl is the granddaughter of a friend at work.  I admired her spunk and sweet expression as she shined on my friend’s computer home screen every I went in to talk with her.  This little one beaconed to be painted! I did it in a loose sketchy style to evoke her spunk and perpetual motion!


2015, 8×10 Oil,  Nick.




2015, 6×6 Pastel Sketch, My Brother Ric.  He loves to laugh and I wanted to capture this essence.



2014,  16x2o Pastel, Anne.Anne

2010, 18×20, Pastel, Lauren.pastel

2012, 11×14, Pastel.


2012,  16×20 Pastel 




2008, Pastel, 28×24, “Auntie Vi”.  This is a beloved Aunt of a friend of mine.  She agreed to sit for this portrait for me just for fun.  She had such sparkle and joy I knew she would be a wonderful model.  ( I have attached the reference picture – different sweater!)  Sadly, a few years after I did this portrait, she passed away.  I gave the portrait to her family but did not take a picture of the portrait unframed before doing so.  Here it is at a show of mine just after it was completed.

2006, 16×20, Pastel


2007, 14×16 Oil


2008, Oil, 18×24, Mayor of LaPorte Indiana, Carl:

oil, 18×24


2004, Pastel, 2 siblings. #1

pastel, 16×24


2004 Pastel, 2 siblings, #2


Pastel Study, 16×20

pastel, 16×20


2007, Oil, three siblings.Each 11×14. #1




2004, Pastel, 18×25

If you would like to talk to me about doing a portrait for you, please contact me! I would love to work with you.