Welcome to my site!  

I have been painting all my life but in earnest for the past 25 years.  My objective is two-fold.   I strive to create a piece of art that defines the individuality of the subject through accurate drawing and rendering.  At the same time, I attempt to allow an exciting interplay of the medium to draw the viewer into the beauty, not only of the subject, but also of the color and paint itself.   Somehow this relationship of “left-brain” accurate rendering and “right-brain” artistic energy work together to generate a piece of artwork that will stimulate an emotional response from the viewer.   When that happens it is pure JOY!

My first love is portraiture.    I enjoy the challenge and thrill of capturing the likeness of my subjects.  I strike gold when that “something extra” is achieved and a bit of the essence of that person  person is recognized by others.  Again,  pure JOY!    I work in pastel and oil.  Please visit my portrait gallery.

Since one is never, ever done learning,  I continually enjoy studying techniques from the masters!   See my Sargent page for some recent studies!   I also enjoyed some amazing classes, full time during 2012,  at the Academy of Realist Art in Boston where academic training included figure studies and master copies.  See  Academic Studies page!

There is nothing quite like setting up the easel on a beautiful day and letting your fingers fly around the paper with little sticks of color recording impressions of what you see!  Just the best!  I look at everything I paint as a portrait.  A portrait of the view in front of me.  See Landscape page.  

I have been enjoying the freedom of working small!  It helps to keep me loose.  Please visit my Small Works page.   

I have been playing around with painting historical photographs.  I plan on doing more of this. I would be happy to work with you on one of yours! Please my Historical Portraits page.

I would love to know what you think and please contact me if I can be of service!